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Liver Cirrhosis

Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis:

Liver cirrhosis is the fibrosis and scaring of liver meaning healthy Liver cells are replaced by inflammatory cells and fibrotic cells which leads to cell death of the liver cells. This causes liver to shrink. Because of scaring and fibrosis of liver not only liver gets affected but all the other organs such as gal bladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach, kidney, small and large intestine, lung, brain etc., get effected. 

Cirrhosis affects in two ways: 1) by damaging the liver cells and 2) by portal hypertension. Portal hypertension can cause significant impact on human body. Portal vein is the blood supply coming out through the liver and connecting the other organs of digestive system. Because of portal hypertension fibrosis and scaring take place which leads to blockage of blood flow through the liver. Therefore, there is portal vein bypass because of which the pressure in portal vein increases which in turn results in back flow of blood to the liver.  

Liver is the major multi tasker by performing more than five hundred functions by itself and in connection with other body systems. Disease can cause interruptions and in advanced stages can cause can stop them altogether. Liver has two unique properties which can impact the progression of the disease: 1) liver can heal and regenerate itself which prevents much of the damage and 2) Liver does not have any nerve endings to signal the onset of the disease. Therefore, many are unaware of the onset of the disease. 

Alcohol consumption can cause liver damage but that’s not the only reason. Poor diet and obesity, viruses such as Hepatitis (A, B, C, D), Auto Immune diseases that attach the liver cells, Excessive use of medications and also a family history of liver disease are some of the causes. 

The stages of liver damage are all the same in any of the above cause- The Healthy liver becomes a fatty liver and then the fibrotic liver and then the last one Cirrhosis (Liver Failure). Cirrhosis can lead to Liver cancer. If proper medical intervention, exercise and diet is not followed this can be life threatening. In cases of Liver failure, Liver transplants are the way forward. 

However, in the early stages, regenerative medicine or Stem Cells are now in the lime light that are been used clinically world wide with most remarkable results preventing the progression of the disease and thus can results in avoiding liver transplants bridging the gap of short of liver donors. 

Many Clinical trails and clinical data are available online which proves beyond dought, that Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis is safe, efficient with significant improvements in quality of life of patients. Commonly, the stem cells are isolated from the patients own bone marrow and then infusing them back either as bone marrow concentrate or as cultured Mesenchymal stem cells. Many a times, there could be the combination of both. In cases where the bone marrow collection is not possible, clinicians use allogenic Umbilical cord derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for treatment. These allogenic umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells don’t not require any matching to be done.  

NeuroCyte Stem Cell Research Center provides one of the best Stem cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis in Bangalore, India.

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