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Stem Cell Therapy for knees in Bangalore

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Stem Cell Therapy for knees in Bangalore

Arthritis is a common problem and has impacted many of age around 50’s. It is equally distributed among male and female. This has impacted the life style of people affected by arthritis. Osteo arthritis (OA) begins much earlier, but is asymptomatic until there is inflammation progression that is enough to cause pain. These asymptomatic OA is not the indication for treatment and is usually undiagnosed. 

Usually, OA is managed with no treatment like bed rest, keep the leg elevated, hot packs, old packs, etc., which are free or inexpensive and is self-administered. Also there are simple medical management methods such as prescribing NSAIDs, physiotherapy, weight management etc. On the other hand, patients with advanced OA are the good candidates for total knee replacements or knee arthroplasty is patients are opting for surgical interventions. For patients who do not want surgical interventions or patients with other medical complication are the candidates for joint injections with corticosteroids or hyaluronic acid but these results are short term with potential recurrence rate. 

The main cause of pain is not only the wear and tear of cartilage and friction of bone but there are curtain chemicals/molecules such as vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF), Interleukins (IL) and enzymes which are release when the cartilage gets broken or fragmented which eventually causes inflammation and in turn causes pain. SO, the only way to manage this condition is to reduce the inflammation and reduce the breakdown of cartilage to reduce the pain. And one of the ways to do this is Genicular artery embolization which is a new procedure which aims to decrease the inflammation by slowing down the blood flow in parts of the knee. 

The other non-surgical intervention is use of stem cells. Stem cell therapy for Knee Arthritis is usually collected from bone marrow/ Adipose tissue (adipose tissue stem cells) by liposuction / Umbilical Cord tissue (Umbilical cord stem cells, filter out the stem cells, concentrate them along with growth factors like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) / hyaluronic acid and are precisely injected into the knee joint. Many studies have shown that Adipose Tissue Stem Cell therapy for Knee Arthritis has given best results. These procedures are simple and safe which aims to reduce inflammation and give relief from pain. This also helps to slow down the progression of the condition.