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Hair Loss

Hair loss stem cell therapy

Throughout most of an individual’s lifetime, hair continuously grows on the scalp, although the rate of growth is influenced by various factors including age, overall health, and stress levels. Periodically, hair follicles may become damaged and lose their ability to regenerate naturally, often due to genetic predispositions, heightened stress, or accidents that cause follicle damage. In contemporary society, elevated stress levels and rapid urban lifestyles have become significant contributors to premature balding and receding hairlines, even among younger individuals. Stem cell therapy for hair loss offers promising solutions to regenerate damaged follicles and promote hair growth.

Non-invasive and affordable hair loss treatment

However, there’s promising news for individuals of all ages who are distressed by rapid hair loss on the scalp. Many affected Indians cannot bear the expense of costly hair transplants. Remarkably, recent advancements in stem cell technology offer a safe and affordable alternative, without the need for any invasive procedures on the scalp. This non-invasive stem cell treatment for hair loss is both safe and cost-effective, leveraging autologous technology to ensure complete success. Stem cell therapy for hair loss appears to be a highly favorable solution in India.

So how exactly does this solution work?

Typically, during Hair loss stem cell therapy procedure, a patient’s own body cells are harvested, which is the fundamental working principle of autologous stem cells. A small amount of fat stem cells is extracted from the waist area of the patient with mini-liposuction. These fat cells are then processed through a high-speed centrifugal machine to separate the stem cells from the fat. After this, an activation solution is added to the pure stem cells. These cells may be replicated to cover the entire bald area on the patients head. After washing the activation liquid from the stem cells, the cells are injected into the patient’s bald scalp. Thereafter, some molecular signals are sent to the hair follicles to trigger new hair growth in about two to four weeks. Neurocyte provides stem cell for hair restoration Benefits of Hair loss stem cell therapy

Here are some obvious benefits of this unique therapy to the hair loss patients:

  • Completely non-invasive process. 
  • The process is safe and natural as stem cells are extracted from the patient’s own body. 
  • Clinical results indicate that the new hair growth is almost permanent in most cases. 
  • Because of autologous therapy, the chances of rejection does not exist. 
  • Highly affordable solution for most Indians with hair loss problems.

Though other non-surgical solutions like strand-by-strand procedure for hair loss exist, Hair loss stem cell therapy in India is still the most proven and popular solution among all of them.

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