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Anti Aging

Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

The ultimate Magic portion for all your Aging related problems.

“Prevention outweighs cure.” Anti-aging involves efforts to prevent or decelerate the aging process. With the aid of contemporary medical breakthroughs, humans have acquired knowledge to proactively address their health, resulting in extended and healthier lifespans compared to previous eras. Nonetheless, unforeseen circumstances often lead to prolonged periods of illness or hospitalization. Frequently, individuals witness premature deaths and resolve to adopt healthier lifestyles by quitting smoking, abstaining from excessive drinking, and embracing nutritious diets, yet struggle to consistently adhere to these practices.

Our body is a place where there are millions and trillions of physical processes depending on oxygen, solar radiations and metabolism. Our body naturally have many mechanisms to repair these damages by themselves. However, due to various unknow reasons many a time it does not happen. Well, all doctors are trying to do the same Anti aging stem cell therapy by treating the patients and help prolong their life. 

Every cell within our body possesses a predetermined lifespan. Whenever cells undergo division, they replicate the chromosomes containing genetic material. However, during this process, there is a gradual loss of DNA, leading to the eventual senescence of cells after numerous divisions. Senescent cells, characterized by their persistence without undergoing programmed cell death, accumulate as we age. Consequently, the increasing presence of senescent cells in our bodies can detrimentally affect surrounding tissues and is associated with various age-related ailments such as diabetes, kidney failure, and others.

Scientist have conducted a study in mice by introducing a genetically modified cells into mice which removes out the senescent cells which resulted in better activity as well as 30% longer life. Now, this is difficult in humans to introduce genetically modified cells and replace entire senescent cells in our body. But we can opt for an alternat method to decrease the number of senescent cells by increasing the normal metabolically active cell in the body.

Stem cells are like blueprints that sit at various places in the body and copy themselves to produce a steady flow of fresh young cells, but they decline as we age and so we decline too. Use of Anti aging stem cell therapy process can help selfheal and to slow down the aging process. Use of stem cells can result in increase energy levels and physical activity, improved memory and focus, reduced appearances of wrinkles and age spots, increased sex drive, improve lab values.

Commonly, the stem cells are isolated from the patient’s own bone marrow and then infusing them back either as bone marrow concentrate or as cultured Mesenchymal stem cells. Many a times, there could be the combination of both. In cases where the bone marrow collection is not possible, clinicians use allogenic Umbilical cord derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for treatment. These allogenic umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells don’t not require any matching to be done. You can contact us for any queries related to Anti aging stem cell therapy or Stem Cell Anti Aging Cost

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