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Stem Cells for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Bangalore

Autism Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cells for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Bangalore

Autism is a range of neuro developmental disorder that involve delay in development of many basic skills and functions which has a spectrum of properties based on which a person is diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). People with ASD have difficulty in social interaction, communication and behaviour. ASD is diagnosed in the early childhood and last for lifetime. Males are more often diagnosed with ASD than female. The exact cause for this us unknown till date but, lot of researchers are working on it to know which genes can act together with the influence of environment that affect a child’s development. There is no specific test to diagnose ASD but there is a requirement of a good neuro physician who could work up on this.

When it comes to social interaction, they have difficulty in maintaining eye contact, difficulty in reading peoples facial express and also the facial expression of the person with ASD remains flat such that parents or care givers do not understand their expression. Body postures are different as compared to a normal person and their emotional signals are different. They have difficulty in reciprocity i.e., give and take process. They do not show shared interest in enjoyment with others. They have difficulty in tuning into others achievements and also do not understand others feelings. 

When it comes to communication, they have difficulty in both verbal and nonverbal communication. They have a delay or lack of “Talk” to communicate. They have difficulties in taking turns to communicate with others. They do not continuously engaged in any activity. They have a stereotyped type of communication meaning; they repeat certain words or sounds of their interest repeatedly which is called as ECHOLALIA. They have lesser listener perspective, do not respond to humour and also have difficulty in concentrating or focusing on their self needs too.

When it comes to behaviour, they always focus on parts or pieces of anything and always remain preoccupied with their own activities. They always need sameness and to maintain routines in their daily activities. They often keep rocking things in their hand, flapping, twiddling and are hypersensitive.    

People with ASD may have low IQ or in some cases maybe having giftedness. They usually have features of AD/HD, anxiety, depression and these could be complicating factors in these set of disorders. The other problems in people with ASD is sleep and their daily living activities which makes it difficult for them to travel or even do their daily activities.

As such there is no cure for this disorder but intensive early treatment can make a big difference in life of many children. Some of the treatment options include Behavioural and communication therapy, Educational therapy, Family therapy, Speech therapy and Occupational Therapy. The symptoms of ASD cannot be improved with medications, although medications such as antidepressants can help to control anxiety or antipsychotics for severe behavioural problems.

Apart from the above therapies, Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the treatment option. As there is a hypothesis that autism is a disorder caused by the inflammation in the body which could result in the absorption of certain molecules into the brain which could result in delay/under development of brain. There is a need for reduction of inflammation in the body and also initiate the process of development of brain. Also, ischemia and hypoxic brain is also major causes of ASD. Stem cells are collected from bone marrow or umbilical cord. The special kind of stem cells called Mesenchymal Stem Cells have anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the paracrine effect of mesenchymal stem cells is certainly an option to treat ASD. 

After the harvest of stem cells, they are administered into the patients in different routes. Intravenous infusions and Intrathecal injections into the CSF (Cerebro spinal fluid). Having been said all the above, Stem cell therapy for ASD is still on the research mode but there are many studies and trails which have proven results in the improvements of ASD.