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Female Infertility

Stem Cell Therapy for Female infertility (Ovarian Rejuvenation): 

AMH is a hormone secreted by antral follicles of the ovary. A woman produces approximately a lakh oocyte by the time of her puberty which reduces to zero when she reaches menopause. AMH indicate her egg reserve defining the potential to get pregnant. 

Common causes of low AMH are age, excessive smoking, environmental factors such as pollution, obesity, endometriosis, auto-immune diseases, genetic factors and cancer. This has no treatment as on date but a healthy lifestyle management and a good healthy diet with certain supplements like vitamin-D, co-enzyme Q10, folic acid etc.., can improve the outcomes. 

Recently, there are studies which haven shown use of stem cell in woman with low AMH have done wonders. However, still the procedure is considered as experimental in spite of having acceptable results in over 30% of the patients. Approximately, 20% of the patients have conceived naturally within 2-3months of stem cell treatment. However, rest of the patients who don’t conceive have improved response to ovarian stimulation which help in artificial reproductive technology (ART). 

There are certain criteria to enrol patients for autologous stem cell transplant. 1) patients age should be less than 39years, 2) patients who have very low AMH i.e., less than 0.4, 3) patients with antral follicle count less than 3, 4) patients who have not undergone any ovarian surgery. 

Stem cell extraction is done on a local anaesthesia from the hip bone ie., Iliac crest which is fairly a painless procedure. After the extraction, processing is done in a GMP certified laboratory post which a laparoscopic or a key whole surgery is done where a camera is put through the naval/umbilicus to guide the stem cell into the ovaries.

This procedure of Stem Cell Therapy for Female Infertility does not increase the AMH levels or success rate of IVF but it only helps to get good quality of eggs and slightly better number of eggs following ovarian stimulation. This therapy does not have any rejection because the stem cell is extracted and used of patients own which is very safe treatment for ovarian stimulation. One needs to know that this method is not effective or say less effective which is 5-6% in patients who have undergone ovarian insufficiencies or ovarian failure and high FSH levels.  

Another adjunct to this is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) where again patients own blood is collected and processed in lab for platelet concentrate which is mixed with stem cells and injected. And this has shown a better outcome in patients. 

NeuroCyte Stem Cell Research center is one of the best place to get Stem Cell Therapy for Female Infertility in Bangalore, India.

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